Thursday, April 1, 2010

#30 - Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is aptly named, and I have now seen it, up close and personal. I wasn't surprised by the depth of the Canyon because I've seen a million pictures of it. What did surprise me was how cold it was at the south rim. Of course, it was March, and not July, but there were patches of snow still on the ground! I naively thought the Mojave desert would be full of hot dry sand and nothing else, but it was full of gently rolling hills covered in short scrubby trees. I saw a Joshua tree, which was kind of cool. Made me think of U2.

My great friend Lindsay and I went to Vegas for four days, and one of those days was spent getting to the Canyon on a tour bus. That was definitely the highlight of the trip. The Canyon is flippin' huge, and we were only there for about two hours. It goes down in giant steps, and you can't even see into the deepest part where the Colorado River flows. The rock faces are strangley layered colours: red, orange, sandstone and a kind of muted green. It's very beautiful and awe-inspiring and I need to go back and spend more time there. I want to take a mule trek down to the bottom, or hike down and raft on the river. Tours are all well and good when you don't have much time, but really, for the Canyon you need more time. It's just so big.

Vegas, on the other hand, was less than awe-inspiring. Frankly, I thought it was tacky and depressing. I spent a total of $6 gambling and I think I had a total of three drinks. Got to admit it was a novelty to drink Budweiser on the street and not be hassled for it, but on the other hand, the place is just another big hole. Unlike the Canyon, which fills the soul (or some other poetic description that eludes me right now) the Strip just leaves me feeling emotionally void.

Very glad to have seen the Grand Canyon. That was really just a taste though. One day I will go back for the whole thing.

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