Wednesday, December 21, 2011

122 Tosses

So I can juggle for a while now (about a minute), but my limit seems to be just over 100 tosses. I can't figure out how those guys do it for, like, half an hour, and not just with juggling balls, but with swords. Sometimes swords on fire. You can't drop those, though; it's not an option. Someone's toe might get cut off or burned, or both.

For anyone wanting to get started, though, here are a couple of tips:

1. Practice standing next to your bed. This way, when you drop the balls, you don't have to reach down to the ground. The balls will be at waist height. 

2. Start by tossing just two balls from your left to your right hand and then back the other way. Try to make the balls reach the same height with each toss, directly above the opposite hand, so they neatly fall down into your hand without you having to reach for them. 

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