Thursday, June 28, 2012

100 is the magic number

I found this website called Litemind that's all about good ideas and stuff.

One of the posts is about how to tackle any issue with a list of 100 things. The one that stood out to me was 100 Jobs/Careers I'd love to Try. At first it sounded dumb, but I had some time to kill tonight while uploading some video footage, so I read it. And it wasn't dumb. In fact, it was awesome. (There may be a slight bias here, considering I'm OBSESSED with lists, and I like the number 100, but still, I believe most people will agree it gets the creative juices flowing.)

Do it! Turn off the TV, sit down for 20 minutes, and just write without thinking too hard about it. It's really fun.

I came up with some gems, plus realized if I'm ever unemployed or want to change jobs, there's lots of cool stuff to try. Like snorkel instructing, dolphin training, or brain research. I'll just need to update my resume.

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