Wednesday, June 25, 2008

#43 - Puzzle solved

Penguins! All 1000 pieces of them are now together.

Went out to a drugstore and bought a jigsaw puzzle about two months ago. The choices were the expected windmills and puppies, and penguins were as different as I could find. (Why can't they make puzzles with slightly more exciting pictures? A sexy puzzle would definitely provide more incentive to put it together. But I guess a sexy jigsaw puzzle is the ultimate oxymoron.)

Took a while to finish it, but I just worked on it every other day or so while watching the news. Great to get it done, another item off my list. Can't say I'm too enthused about doing any more jigsaw puzzling though!

From my experience, this is the fastest way to put together a jigsaw puzzle:
  1. pick out edge pieces and assemble frame
  2. pick out pieces of matching colour and fill in sections
  3. repeat step 2 until finished

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